Friday, October 9, 2015

So who needs Customer Experience?

So who needs customer experience?

Frankly no one. Except, those business that need ...well... customers.

So if you are in a business and want to get new customers or engage with existing customers or even  hold on to the customers who are planning to leave, you need to take a cold hard look at the experience you are offering your customers.

For the longest time, customer experience was limited to the hotels or the hospitality industry.

The world of hotels bent backwards for this. In India, 5 star hotels have tall large turbaned men welcoming you at the entrance, women in traditional attire garlanding you with the saffron flowers and walking you through marbled passageways to your luxurious rooms. But is that enough? Is that experience enough. If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. What is it that will really make an impact on you? What is it that you will remember?

I’m now beginning a series of posts on how Customer Experience is integral to different industries. And when I say integral I mean it’s no longer an option. It is as important as sales and marketing. In fact, it’s as important as the customer himself. And you’d agree with me when I say the customer is important… won’t you?

Watch this space for more.

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